Where is that box and pre-paid shipping label you promised?

When creating a transaction with Gazelle, we provide 2 options for receiving your "shipping kit".

  1. We send a "shipping kit" to you in the mail (USPS Only). This box arrives pre-assembled and will have a pre-paid USPS label inside of it. Simply place your device under the plastic sleeve and then place the new label over the one already on the box. There is also an orange sticker that you can use to seal the box after it is packed. You must select USPS as your carrier to be eligible for this option. If you select FedEx as your carrier, you are not eligible to receive a mailed shipping kit, but you will receive an electronic shipping kit in your email inbox.

The box typically takes 3 to 5 days to arrive after you place your order, if you have not received it or it was received damaged simply let us knowand we can have another sent right away!

  1. We send you a "shipping kit" through email only. Available for USPS or FedEx, this will arrive in your email inbox roughly 15 minutes after you have created the transaction on www.gazelle.com. The pre-paid shipping label and packing slip will be attached to the email as a .PDF (Adobe's Portable Document File Format), and you will need the most current version of Adobe Reader to open the file. You will use your own box for this option, so be sure to pack the item very carefully.

Even if you request a physical shipping kit, you will receive the electronic shipping kit as a back-up. Each mailed shipping kit will have a tracking number, which is available in the shipping kit email. Therefore, as an alternative to having us send you a new box if the first one doesn't show up, you can print the shipping label and packing slip from the shipping kit email we sent to you on the day the transaction was created. You may use any sturdy box you like!

You can also log into your account on www.gazelle.com and visit your "Track my Offers" page to print the shipping label and packing slip.