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Sell iPhone 12 Pro Max: Get the Most from Your Old Device

The iPhone® 12 Pro Max is an older model, but it can compete with all but the newest smartphones. If you’re looking to upgrade, selling your iPhone 12 Pro Max can provide significant value, especially with Gazelle's convenient and transparent process. It only takes a few seconds to get an offer for your Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max; find out what your old phone is worth.

Why Consider Selling Your iPhone 12 Pro Max?

Even though the iPhone 12 Pro Max is no longer the latest model, it still offers impressive features and performance. However, its at the stage in its lifespan where its value will only fall off faster. Upgrading to a newer iPhone model gives you access to the latest device while better preserving the value of your money for the next 1-2 years. If you don't sell now, your iPhone 12 Pro Max is depreciating by the day; you'll only get a lower price by waiting.

Sell iPhone 12 Pro Max After Pricing Your Device

The value of your iPhone 12 Pro Max depends on its condition, storage, and other factors. A 128 GB iPhone 12 Pro Max in fair condition sells for around $400 or more, while a 512 GB model in excellent condition can sell for over $500. A device being locked to a carrier can also reduce its value, but all versions of the iPhone 12 Pro Max have reasonable resale value.


When assessing your iPhone 12 Pro Max, one of the first things to check is its functionality. Ensure that your phone powers on and that all features are working correctly. This includes checking the touch screen, volume buttons, and ports. Any issues with these functions can affect the overall value of your device. Gazelle accepts broken phones, but the cost of repairs will result in you getting less money.

Cosmetic Wear

Look for any scratches, dents, or other signs of wear and tear. While minor scratches are often acceptable, more significant damage can reduce the value of your phone. Taking good care of your device can help maintain its value over time. Ensuring the phone looks as good as possible will make it more appealing to buyers and increase its resale value.

Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of your iPhone 12 Pro Max also plays a role in its resale value. Models with higher storage capacities, like the 512 GB version, tend to fetch higher prices. Second hand phone buyers care more about functionality than power, so high storage is a better hedge against depreciation than once-premium features.

Prepare Your iPhone for Sale

Before sending your device, ensure you take the necessary steps to prepare it for sale. Proper preparation can help you get the best price and ensure a smooth transaction.

Backup Your Data

Save important information to iCloud or another storage service. This step ensures that you don't lose any valuable data when you perform a factory reset on your phone. Backing up your data is crucial for transferring information to your new device and protecting your personal information.

Factory Reset

Erase all personal data and settings from your phone. This protects your privacy and provides a clean device for the next owner. To do this, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. Confirm the action to restore your phone to its original factory settings.

Remove Accessories

Take off any cases, screen protectors, and SIM cards. These items aren't a necessary part of the sale, and you can keep them for your next device. Once you've finished removing accessories and factory resetting your device, you can move forward with your sale.

Why Choose Gazelle?

If you want to sell an iPhone 12 Pro Max, Gazelle is one of your best options. We offer more options for receiving payment and better rates than many competitors, and we're a green company that recycles old devices properly. Do the right thing for your wallet and Mother Nature by selling to Gazelle.

Fair Prices

We base our pricing on the current market value and the condition of your phone. Even though we aim to resell your old devices, you can still expect a reasonable amount of money when you cash your check or receive another payment method.


Our process is straightforward, and you’re kept informed every step of the way. From the initial quote to the final payment, you'll always know where you stand. This transparency builds trust and ensures a smooth transaction.


Sell your phone from the comfort of your home, with no need to meet buyers or deal with promotions. Our online platform makes the entire process simple and hassle-free. You save time and effort, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.


By selling your device to Gazelle, you’re contributing to recycling efforts and reducing e-waste. We ensure that your phone is either refurbished and resold or recycled properly. This helps protect the environment and promotes a more sustainable economy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is an iPhone 12 Pro Max worth to sell?

The value varies based on condition and storage capacity. For instance, a 128 GB model in fair condition sells for over $400.

How do I sell my iPhone?

Start by getting a quote on Gazelle’s website, accept the offer, and ship your phone using the provided label. After evaluation, you'll receive payment via PayPal, check, or Amazon gift card.