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Sell Your iPhone 13 Pro Max with Gazelle

The iPhone® 13 Pro Max goes a few notches beyond the base model by offering a slightly bigger screen size and an extended battery life. Those advantages come at a higher price point, which some might regret when the time comes to buy a new phone. However, those extra features make it a premium option with the most value in thriving resale markets. Keep more money in your pocket while keeping your old devices out of a landfill, with a little help from Gazelle.

Gazelle streamlines the process with one of the easiest and fastest options for buying and reselling phones. Check out the Gazelle Apple iPhone market on our website to see what your iPhone 13 Pro Max could go for, and how much money you could get to buy a new phone.

Why Sell Your Old Phone to Gazelle

Online buying and selling platforms for cell phones have been advancing almost as fast as mobile technology itself. It's easy to trade in your phone from the comfort of your home. At Gazelle, we'll even provide you with a prepaid shipping label for your package.

It couldn't be easier to do correctly, and the process benefits you and the environment.

Easy Money at with Gazelle

Selling to Gazelle saves you the time of creating an ad for your phone, waiting for potential buyers to respond, and delivering the phone to them. Not to mention the price of putting out an ad where someone is likely to see it. Get your money at an earlier date with reliable prices on your old phone. From there, put the money you would have paid for an ad into your down payment on your next phone.

Sustainability Through Recycling

Trading your phone in means it can end up in someone else's hands instead of in a landfill. That's no small achievement; the landfill is the last place electronics belong. Not only do they make the landfill larger, but they can leak toxic chemicals and substances into the soil.

From there, the chemicals can pollute the groundwater, harming human and natural ecosystems. Setting up a sale for your phone is one of the best ways to recycle.

High Resale Value

The earlier you sell your phone, the higher the market resale value will be. Newer models like the iPhone 13 Pro Max offer a great return on your investment. In many cases, selling a premium model like the iPhone 13 Pro Max will help pay for the down payment on the latest iPhone.

How Much Is Your iPhone 13 Pro Max Worth?

The value of your old phone depends on a variety of factors such as the carrier, make, model, memory capacity, cosmetics, and how well it works. We'll ask you several questions to determine your phone’s condition. We'll look for factors like:

• Whether your device is fully functional with no operational problems.

• Significant cracks, scratches, dings or dents.

• Display defects or ghost images.

How to Sell Your iPhone 13 Pro Max

Once you answer some questions to give us an idea of the value of your phone, we'll provide you with an initial offer and a prepaid shipping label. When we receive your phone, we'll inspect it. We'll readjust your offer if we find your phone has a higher or lower resale value than our initial estimate.

We'll issue payment via PayPal, an Amazon gift card, or a check. Offers are valid for 30 days, and the sooner you accept, the sooner you'll get paid!

Why Sell Your iPhone 13 Pro Max Online to Gazelle?

Gazelle offers one of the most convenient online selling platforms in the industry. Our fast, easy, and safe selling service is what makes us stand out from our competition. And there are no risks on your end — just perks for your wallet. Whether you want a down payment for a new phone or something else, we're ready to help you get some extra funds.

Start Selling Your iPhone 13 Max With Gazelle Today

Find out today how much Gazelle will pay for your pre-owned iPhone 13 Pro Max. It's a matter of clicks and sending out your phone or visiting an ecoATM kiosk, and then you're ready to sell. While you're at it, consider browsing the great prices on newer Apple iPhone models through Gazelle.