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Sell Your iPhone XS

The iPhone® XS featured one of the sharpest displays ever offered at its release, leading many iPhone loyalists to buy it right away. There's still demand for the phone today, which means you can probably get a decent return on yours if you're ready to sell and upgrade to a newer model. That's where Gazelle comes in.

Why You Should Trade in Your iPhone XS

There are many reasons you might want to sell your iPhone XS. You might just be ready for an upgrade after a few years. Maybe you got the phone recently and decided you don't love the features and functionality, but you're past the return window. Maybe you're thinking of switching to a different brand entirely.

Why opt to trade in your iPhone XS before upgrading?

• It's environmentally responsible: Reselling your phone means it will get an opportunity for a second life instead of ending up in a landfill discharging harmful e-waste into the atmosphere.

• The process is simple: Trading in your used iPhone XS with Gazelle is fast. We can give you an online offer in minutes. That means no advertising on marketplace sites or random meet-ups with strangers.

• Resale values are high: Newer iPhones have some of the highest trade-in values. Selling sooner rather than later ensures a reasonable resale price before it depreciates.

What's the Value of Your Used iPhone XS?

Determining how much your iPhone XS is worth can be as simple as answering a few quick questions. We use factors like storage capacity, the carrier, functionality and cosmetics to its condition. Some of the specifics we look at include:

• How well the battery charges.

• Graphics quality.

• How fast your phone powers on.

• Whether there's any surface damage, like cracks, scuffs, dents or scratches.

• The functionality of the ports and control buttons.

• Any separation between the phone's front and back housings.

How to Sell Your iPhone XS Online

Once you fill us in on the details of your phone, we'll send you an initial offer and a prepaid shipping label. Upon receiving your phone, we'll inspect it to determine whether all the information matches. If we discover your phone has a higher or lower resale value than we expected, we'll give you a new offer for it.

If you agree to the new offer, we'll pay you by check, an Amazon gift card or PayPal. If you decide not to sell, no worries — we'll return your phone with no fee. It's that easy.

Why Choose Gazelle?

Gazelle is different from most reCommerce companies because we've been in the industry for more than a decade. We aim to offer great products and services at the fairest market prices . We also have one of the easiest, fastest and safest buying and selling platforms online. Your wallet will thank you for working with us, and so will the planet.

Let Gazelle Buy Your Used iPhone XS

Don't delay — let Gazelle show you the value of your iPhone XS today.