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Sell Your iPhone 13 Mini

The iPhone® 13 Mini provides the same essential features as the iPhone 13 with a few differences in screen size, battery life, weight and price. It's one of the most popular compact cell phone options among users everywhere. When it comes time to selling your iPhone 13 Mini, you want to make sure you get a great return on your original investment. That's where Gazelle comes in.

Why Trade in Your iPhone 13 Mini?

There are lots of reasons to trade in a newer cell phone model. Maybe your return window has expired and you just decided you don't love the functionality. Maybe it's time to try a different brand or the newest upgrade. Whatever the case may be, selling your iPhone 13 Mini is a much better choice than simply throwing it away.

Some of the reasons you might decide to sell your iPhone 13 Mini include:

A high resale value: Newer models like the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini have high resale values compared to their predecessors. That means you'll recoup more money to cover your initial purchase price.

An easy selling process: With our convenient online platform, you can get a price estimate within minutes based on the condition and functionality of your phone.

Sustainable: Selling your phone gives it an opportunity for a new life instead of a landfill.

Money in your pocket: Getting paid for your iPhone is a much better option than having your device sitting idle.

What's the Value of Your iPhone 13 Mini?

The carrier, memory capacity, functionality and condition of your phone will shape its resale value. We'll ask you a few quick questions to determine whether your phone's in excellent, good or fair condition. Some examples of the factors we consider include:

• Whether your iPhone powers up correctly.

• The functionality of features like volume, display, headphones, notifications and applications.

• Whether your phone has any noticeable surface damage, such as cracks, scratches, chips or dents.

How to Sell Your iPhone 13 Mini Online

Once you answer a few quick questions, we'll give you an initial offer. If it sounds good to you, we'll provide a free shipping label so you can send your phone to us. Once received, we'll evaluate the condition and performance and determine whether we need to readjust our initial offer.

Once our offer is accepted, we'll send your payment by check, PayPal or an Amazon gift card.

Why Sell Your iPhone 13 Mini to Gazelle?

Our quick, easy process makes Gazelle stand out from the rest. Our platform is among the fastest, safest and most straightforward ways to sell your phone and get paid.

Sell Your iPhone 13 Mini Online Today

Find out how much Gazelle will offer you for your used iPhone 13 Mini. All it takes is a few easy clicks to get started.